Tales from the Fat Side: Over Eating and Fat Acceptance Culture

-For the Uncensored!

(I don’t mean to horrify the healthy people, but this is for all of our good. If you’re triggered, good for you.)

This article is dedicated to Moon Dragon, who’s an inspiration and beauty for the sight and senses, and. to all the pretty people I didn’t or somehow forgot to mention. Plus she disgusted me so much with the above picture on her minds account, that now you see it, too. Go follow her for hilarity, and anything off beat or weird, or witty https://www.minds.com/spiritdragon/. Now, onto the article.

What has disgusted me more than my fair share is how overweight culture is outright being accepted by mainstream publications. Not only does this negate the standards of beauty, but abolishes any right to be healthy. If people wanted to be beautiful they should take themselves to a gym. During my sabbatical since June 1st, since the publication of my 39th Art and Culture piece, that I have been writing my novel, and I had felt recently burnt out at the prospect of our culture in 2021. How could I cover *President* Joe Biden when the border crisis of the United States/Mexico is at an all-time high. 

            What mortality I have left in this world should be spent on writing fiction  and looking for contract work. I could go on and on about Palestine/Israel, the rising gas prices, the border crisis affecting our shores, and the food shortages is enough to make any person insane. Covering that gives me no pleasure as people are going through enough in our lives. I think, what difference should a writer make when he's not getting any pleasure when his nation is suffering at Joe Biden's endless meandering voice that should make any sane person's blood boil. Democrat or Republican, or a Libertarian, so to speak.

But the thing is, what makes me insane is that people should be able to eat the food they want. If you want to get fat and die of a heart attack, I won't stop you. But don't expect us to be your friends when you try and blame all your problems on food when you stuff it in your mouth in the first place. 

As an adult, we are all gifted the choice of making bad decisions. From not  paying parking tickets to robbing a bank. The crime in eating fast food is that it devalues the hard work and your molecular structure. Fast food is poison. 

I had the worst food practice ever. It was so bad that when I ate fast food in 2020, I saw a small rash accumulating on my stomach. I was so scared and my weight was 259. I had to make the choice to lose weight. I couldn't still eat what I was before. My grandfather, when he would pick me up after middle school, with Burger King. I think it was the worst thing he could have done, and that's not even half of that. 

He had an odd diet. He would mush a huge muffin into milk. So, he couldn't  really take care and make enough healthy food to benefit a daily routine. So, with

this in mind, as of 2021, losing weight wasn't an option, it was necessary. After Nutrisystem, and not being able to taste food, I moved over to lean cuisines, and if I made a pot of spaghetti, I would divide it up into bowls and make a weekly diet. Being hungry is not good, but when you're too full, you might have a problem. 

Being fat is a sin. Gluttony. It's one of the worst deadly sins in the  Catholic faith. Not to denounce the six others, but Gluttony is the worst. I remember, when I was in middle school, watching the David Fincher Film, Seven, where the killer is murdering individuals based off the Seven Deadly Sins. What horrors through David Fincher's work still stands with me watching the bloated victim's tied down to a chair, forced to eat food repeatedly, with a bucket underneath to help him shit and piss, still reminds me that this scene is what all people should watch.

While Seven is a sensation film, this is not the point. Being fat is a product

of unhealthy behaviors. When you start to look at food without limits you are your own enemy setting landmines for yourself. Luckily I could always walk up and down a flight of stairs without ever taking a break, that wasn't an option either.

I remember my father, during a summer, forced me to exercise in order to get a PC that I wanted. I took him up on that challenge and I looked great that summer. Running in the heat at my local community college helped me get better and also I got the PC I wanted. 

But also, it reminds me that food should be measured and calculated to help benefit your wellness. The quote from Sun and Steel, by Yukio Mishima, should serve as a point. "The men who indulged in nocturnal thought, it seemed to me, had without exception dry, lusterless skins and sagging stomachs. They sought to wrap up a whole epoch in a capacious night of ideas, and rejected in all its forms the sun that I had seen. They rejected both life and death as I had seen them, for in both of these the sun had had a hand." What this means is that once the light came to me, I realized that good food will help you fight whatever darkness you can face. Fast food, for me, represented a way of suicide. As a writer, I always dealt with loneliness, but when you are a lone so much, you pick up horrible eating habits, too. 

So, in a protracted argument boiled down to its simplistic notion, I used  unhealthy foods as a way of committing suicide. I wanted to take my life without doing it the quick way of picking up a gun and blowing my head off. I wanted to become the bloated man in Seven and kill myself. But I was my own enemy, then. 

Anyone who has seen in my Instagram page in 2020, knew I was big. I never  showed photos below my face in order to hide it. I know, all the unattractive people do it, because they are ashamed of there bodies. They should be, as well as I. 

So, with all that, being so entangled with that, I also said, "If you want  an attractive woman, you have to be attractive." That defined my entire philosophy in losing weight. You can't be fat and beautiful. This is where my disgust with the media leaves me shocked and horrified. I can't promote unhealthy eating habits onto others. Maybe as a joke, of course, but there are darker implications.  

Being ugly is disgusting. If you use it obesity as a form of suicide we are  well on our way to dying. How and why should anyone want you if you are disgusting, both physically and mentally? 

It's not right.  

I was originally 259 at the beginning of 2021, and now as of June 14th, I am  235, approximately. If you don't take this as a sign of progression, I think, believe, and know you are delusional. You must take charge of your weight or you will surely die without happiness or love or light. So, with the upsetting revelation that I have gained 5 pounds in one week, I am ready to go back to the gallows. It will always fluctuate, but it's a constant  evolution. I might yet lose five pounds by the end of the week, but again, take this as a warning. Be smart about the food you eat, or the poison will kill you. 

So in summation, there are steps. Do Nutrisystem for three weeks, then drink exactly fifteen glasses of water a day. I don’t care, pour it down your throat. Take out sugar and fries and anything that will increase your weight. Don’t miss out on meat entirely. I'm not saying never eat a delicious piece of cake ever again, but treat yourself once in a while. And I mean once. 

And don't listen to the fat acceptance movement. They are dangerous and should be avoided. Besides, if you're healthy enough, you can out run them.

-Louis Bruno is the author of more than 15 books, including, The Michael Project, The Michael Project: Book 2: The Lost Children of Eve, Thy Kingdom Come, The Disintegrating Bloodline, Apocalypse Soldier, Hierarchy of Dwindling Sheep. His books can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Lulu. He can be found on Gab, https://gab.com/thereallouistbruno, Minds https://www.minds.com/lbruno8063/. Instagram @lbrruno8063 and @louisbrunoofficialbook. He has written for the Intellectual Conservative and Ephemere. Also, he writes on https://louisbruno.substack.com, where you can support him directly, and where he will post one article a day (the bulk of his work will appear on substack officially). Also he can be found on Our Freedom Book https://www.ourfreedombook.com/thereallouistbruno17 His latest, Come Home, Young One, a dark fantasy novel is out now at Lulu.com. Link is here: https://www.lulu.com/en/us/shop/louis-bruno/come-home-young-one/hardcover/product-pw8q7z.html?page=1&pageSize=4.  His next series, City of Sand, will be out near end of June, 2021, near July.