Play Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes: Amarouth, twitch streamer, gets her ads yanked, then reinstated

-For the Uncensored!

Amarouth, a popular streamer on Twitch had her advertising revenue pulled from her site, which is hilarious, and funny, cause they didn’t tell her. I and many other artists can laugh at her, because it’s funny. Again, she won’t pay long, it was nice to see Amarouth feel what most streamers feel. Pain. 

I think of a quote by Marcus Fenix in Gears 4, when he said, “That’s the one thing when you get old. You don’t really need to have an opinion.” I do have an opinion on this. 

Many millennials grew up with Playboy, Hustler, which between the two, Hugh Hefner did promote talented writers, like “Philip K. Dick, Margaret Atwood,” and many science fiction writers, Hustler concentrated on the sexual acts itself and didn’t bother with a lot of the artsy stuff that Hefner was into. (

Now, there could be a debate between who was more profitable, but the realization is that when it comes to porn magazines, the articles are secondary, and mostly there to help engage juveniles who thought they were only getting a titty magazine instead.

            Now with Twitch, the online streaming site, which is a site that allows anyone and anybody to get on and talk about basically anything they want, provides some relief for people who want to communicate or watch people “play guitar” according to Alanah Pierce, a youtuber.

Which is hilarious that she even brings that up, but besides the point. If you want to watch people eat, and why would you, there’s an audience, the term is called “muk banging” ( I remember the lonely days of going to arcades when I was younger, which were dying out around the 2000’s. So porn mags are antiques, but still serve a purpose. But Alice Denham was also a playboy model and writer. But we’re talking about a different time, too, when women could read back then..

            For the women who are talented on Twitch, do not have a fair advantage, because when hot tub streamers rose to prominence, women who stream on Twitch never liked that part of the site. Women can get off with anything in the world today.   

So, it’s an easy life for women. Now, many women who do stream video games, aren’t at fault. Now, it’s more of a hobby for them, if they do that, and people do donate money. But the hot tub streamers make a lot of money, the type that makes you say, “Why would anyone go to college?” A degree? Who needs that, right? 

            So, many women who do play video games, but don’t necessarily know how to play, can make so much cash whoring it up. It’s hard to pretend that these people have talent. They probably aren’t readers or they have two brain cells to rub together. I mean, if you think that’s true, please go see a therapist because you have been kissing prostitutes again. 

            Because these women, mostly Amarouth, have the luxury of being whores, while being married, and while I do get the concept of avoiding the porn industry, it does make you think, “I’m in the wrong business” and “gender.”

            But again, women do have to put in the work to have a good body too. I mean, if you want to be a whore, actually have sex with your customers. You could help a lot of guys out there, but instead, you do it digitally.  It makes you respect prostitutes more but with real life prostitutes, they can’t have sex with kids. Whoring it up online leads to a grey area where kids can watch you and pay you for doing very little. If you don’t believe me, watch them sometime, and tell me I’m wrong. I don’t think Amarouth has ever been seen reading Plato or Nietzsche on stream.

            At least Marilyn Monroe could read.   

            Why would a young girl want to be an astronaut when you can whore it up online and probably make so much money? 

            Because at some point, Amarouth, and many hot tub streamers know, what it’s like being a human being now. As Michael Bluth said in Arrested Development, “You have to feel the sweet sting of sweat in your eye.” But again, it’s easy to criticize. Trust me, I’m not so much on the right to think that prostitution is wrong, because I can’t stop someone from whoring it up. There’s a saying I coined, “If I like you I’m not sharing.”  

            Nor am I on the extreme left, like Vaush, or the Amazing Atheist, where he can play hide the banana up his ass for views. Or Dark Side Phil when he masturbates online, for people to see, and pretends he didn’t know the camera was on and didn’t apologize for it.

            Now, I’m not a prude, by any means. I am aware that sexualization has always been part of the entertainment field, but you could be subtle about it. Hugh Hefner was an advocator of free speech, and did have articles to help fill the pages of your porno mag, which helped writers create careers. The problem is, Amarouth isn’t. And hey, it’s her right to do that, but the main audience of Twitch are from 10 to 19. So, what’s the endgame without ad revenue? I guess she knows what it’s like to be normal, like the rest of us.

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