Memorial Day 2021

-For the Uncensored!

While the world panders on into oblivion, Americans, on the last Monday in May, all celebrate the men and women who died in the military. It’s not what you come to think of. Memorial Day is about honoring those who died for your freedom, and while freedom may come at any cost, the power of freedom is the blessing made by men who gave up there lives to let Americans live in peace. I think people really overestimate the beauty and poetry and serving in the military, and while the reality is blood and war, it’s the idea that someone would sacrifice there life to save mine, makes me humbled that people serve me. If I were president, I would make the phrase “if the corp wanted to give you a wife they would issue you one” obsolete as they have someone to come home to, and be loved and worshipped just the same. 

            But that’s who I think about the most. Veterans are always overlooked, but to forget the dead who die in foreign countries is a mistake that is not only American, but human too. And while I can’t always give to homeless vets “who ask for money” I at least acknowledge there presence. The men who die to protect American freedom is why Memorial Day matters so much to us. I know that most countries do honor their dead soldiers in multifarious ways, Memorial Day is where Americans have it in spades. 

            With America giving freedoms to her citizens and the people who become legal citizens every day, it’s why America is the greatest country in the world. 

            So many men and women who volunteer for the American military are winners, and however they come in all shapes and sizes, America is the only place where Memorial Day remembers the fallen. Those who gave there life in battle to help protect their country. If another country did it they would be praised, but Americans always gathered together to be patriotic and remember the dead who couldn’t come back. It’s not bad to be patriotic, and I laugh at those who hate the American military.  

            In war, there’s usually no time to mourn or grieve, but in some ways, Memorial Day is not just a holiday, but a promise to all the fallen. To not forget there sacrifice. And no matter what people say, I do agree whole heartedly with the American motto, “land of the free and home of the brave.”

            Not many of those soldiers can come home to there families who go on without them. It’s a reminder why Memorial Day is a nation coming together to realize what fallen soldiers mean to a free society. Some men died, so that others could return home. 

            So, thank you to all the living veterans but also those who never got to go home. We all remember you.

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